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The COBRA law is now 30 years old, but many employers still do not fully understand what it means or what it requires them to do. With isolved Benefit Services, you will minimize the liability associated with and time spent administering COBRA.

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Our full service includes:

Web-based Or EDT Reporting

Web and Call Center Support

Premium Collection

Online Election and Payment Option for Participants

COBRA Notices that Exceed DOL Requirements

Over 10,000,000 Notices Sent and Not a Single Penalty

Proper COBRA compliance entails many required notices and tracking numerous time frames. The notice requirements and the work related to them are endless. With isolved Benefit Services as your benefits administration partner, you can spend your time managing your workforce, not administering COBRA and the timeframes and notices that go with it. We ensure COBRA, Open Enrollment, State Continuation, USERRA and Eligibility are all handled properly.

How COBRA Works

You can elect COBRA for you and your family if you otherwise would lose coverage because:

  • You quit your job
  • You were fired, unless it was for "gross misconduct."
  • Your hours were reduced and you no longer qualify as a full-time employee for the workplace health plan.

The law lets you continue coverage for up to 18 months if you quit, lose a job, or your hours are reduced, and up to three years if the coverage loss was due to other reasons.

In addition, health plan "dependents" (such as spouses and children) can elect COBRA if they lose eligibility for coverage because of:

  • Death of the covered employee.
  • Age -- an adult child turns 26 and can be kicked off a parent's plan.
  • Divorce or legal separation from the covered spouse.
  • Eligibility by the covered employee for Medicare.

Keep in mind that you must be covered by the employer-sponsored plan at the time of your job loss or other event, or you aren't eligible for COBRA.

We ensure your COBRA:

  • Open enrollment
  • State continuation
  • Eligibility

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Client issues are just non-existent with isolved Benefit Services. Even if there is an issue, you guys just take care of it.
– Jeff Hoerle, Priority Health

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